Be Strong in the LORD

“Be strong, and let us use our strength for our people and for the cities of our God, and may the LORD do what seems good to him."

1 Chronicles 19:13

David sent his army of mighty men to battle against the Ammonites and Syrians, led by Joab, his trusted general. When Joab saw that the Ammonites were set on one side of them, and the Syrians had set up on the other side, he divided Israel’s forces, putting the others under the charge of his brother Abishai. Then he gave courage to his brother with these words. They were there to do a job—war. All they could do was what they could do. The deck seemed stacked against them; but Joab knew who was really in control of the battle.

Sometimes the battle seems impossible. Today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus was crucified. The battle seemed to be over, that Satan had prevailed. Jesus’ followers hid themselves in fear, thinking the battle was over, and they were on the losing end. But they didn’t realize the power of God, and that Satan’s effort of eliminating Jesus was all a part of God’s path to victory!

In this current pandemic crisis, the media painted a grim picture. It’s starting to settle down, but some people have been crippled by fear. God will work this out, too.In life, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes things don’t make sense to us. We may feel trapped in a situation—as I’m sure Joab felt, when he saw armies on either side. But remember: God is in control. All we can do is be obedient to Him, and let Him sort it all out as He sees fit.

Our victory is not found in our personal wins and losses, but in the cross, and the empty tomb. Our part is simply to trust and obey.

Written by: Pastor Britt Green

Posted: April 10, 2020